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You will also be based close to Bologna and Ferrara, which are fantastic points of access to other cities around the northern part of Italy. You will have some time to explore too. If you are thinking of taking part in this project I would say go for it! You can only contact Workawayers who have an active membership. Angela has been one our most beloved volunteers. She's come in October for 3 weeks and has joined us again in December for 2 weeks.

Help Italian school children to learn English or French, San Pietro in Casale, Italy

Her lessons were excellent but children especially appreciated the science lesson that she gave once a week. Angela has been hosted all the time by the same family, that got really attached to her.

We hope to welcome … read more her back again next year because we all miss her. She offered a great contribution to our project and was also very cooperative with the other volunteers we had while she was here. Left by Workawayer Angela for host. I have just returned to Ireland after spending three weeks with this project in San Pietro in Casale.

I could not have had a more satisfactory experience in this small town near Bologna. My hosts warmly welcomed me into their family. The project is very well organised by Valeria and Cristina. Every trip to the school was arranged in advance with a … read more parent. The parents are very appreciative of the opportunity given to their children to hear English as spoken by native speakers and to speak with them informally in their homes.

It has truly been a rich cultural experience. In the home of Cristina and Marcello, Matteo and Marco tasting delicious Italian dishes and learning how to prepare them, and having local knowledge and advice when traveling to towns and cities in the region. Meeting volunteers from other countries was also an enriching experience. I would highly recommend this project because of the commitment of the parents and because of the location of the town with excellent rail connections to many wonderful towns and cities in the region. I have recently retired, some of the volunteers are of mature years, some are in their mid twenties.

All are welcome in San Pietro in Casale. I will return to this project at a later date, knowing that I will revisit friends of all ages. Johanna participated to our project for 3 weeks. We contacted her almost at the last minute because one volunteer had cancelled her trip.

She arrived with almost no information about our project but was able to fit in from the first day very well. We appreciated a lot her dedication to help the other volunteer who was here during the same period. Jo was willing to help her preparing some lessons and gave her several advices. The host families have been very happy with her and so were the children she taught. Left by Workawayer Johanna for host.

Italian in your teacher's home in Italy

This was my first Workaway project, and it was a great experience. I stayed with three families and they were all welcoming, kind and supportive. The children were full of energy and very enthusiastic. The parents who participate give a lot of their time and energy in providing children with the opportunity to experience the English language and … read more have fun at the same time, the organisation is a credit to the community it serves. If you want to experience Italian family life, like working with children and want to visit beautiful places such Venice, Padua, Bologna and more, then this project is well worth a visit.

If you do go, ask for any materials or help you need and have fun. Because he's blind he came with a guide. Apart from French he also taught music to children of the elementary school. Teachers and children highly appreciated his lessons. He's a very skilled teacher and is able to involve the children in interesting and … read more fun lessons.

Children and teachers are missing him a lot. We all thank him and his guide for their time and dedication. I stayed with my guide one month at this place. The organization is optimum, the people are extremely open and the kids are completely, absolutely, totally adorable. We were always invited to eat with friends and it was really taking part in different Italian families. A great experience that I will highly recommend to anyone. It is really to offer something very cool to a lot of different kids. We were often in contact with Valeria and Cristian who are the leaders of this association.

They have always been nice, available and honest. I stayed with Hidgi in San Pietro In Casale for more or less one month and had a very interesting experience in the schools. All people were very kind and helpful. Being with the kids in the school and learning French, English and Music was so much fun.

Angus has been in our small town for almost a month. He was asked to teach English in a playful way to primary school kids and to realize some easy scientific experiment with the middle school student as he is a student of Medicine and used his scientific skills to make English "lesson" more interesting. Even if he had no previous English teaching … read more experience he carried on his task with great diligence and responsibility.

Everybody kids and parents loved him.

What makes an Italian teacher truly great at her job?

Always willing to help the host families, he adapted to the families lives keen to follow them in their everyday life. He is a young ambitious man and uses every occasion to learn new things, it has been a real pleasure to have him in our community. Host families and kids are missing him. Left by Workawayer Angus for host. Words can't describe how great of an experience it was, it's hard to decide where to start! The teaching itself was amazing. The classes were very flexible and informal which I liked very much.

We could do whatever we thought would be most beneficial for the kids english, while also making sure the kids are having fun! Valeria and Cristina were … read more very helpful and supportive throughout the entire time, I received a phone for the duration of my stay and they were more than happy to get anything I needed for the classes. The kids themselves were so enthusiastic, lively, being around them never got even close to boring!

I stayed with 4 different families during my 5 weeks there, who were such kind, warm and loving individuals who were very happy to welcome me into their home.

It was quite hard to move families so often, because I felt very comfortable and attached to them even after such a small amount of time, But even saying this, I am happy that I did have to change so often, because if I didn't I wouldn't have met all the amazing people I did. Every family I met was unique in their own little way, and all gave me slightly different perspectives of the italian culture.

I will cherish my experiences with them for many years to come! I couldn't recommend this experience enough if you want to experience authentic italian culture, especially if you like to teach as well. Give them a message, you won't regret it! We hosted Kedall for 3 weeks. It was a pleasure to have her joining our project, she's a talented teacher with good experience and was a great support to our project in the last part of the school year. The 3 families hosting her have given excellent feedbacks about her, as well as the other volunteer who worked with her.

We hope to welcome her … read more again next year and wish her all the best. Axelle joined us to take part to our project and she also asked us to organize her internship at the school. So she taught French on Saturday and Wednesday as extra school courses and she also took part to the more standard French hours during school time. She had an official tutor at the school.

This means that she was very busy during the whole … read more month she spent in San Pietro in Casale. Despite her lack of experience she's still a student she proved to be a good teacher, she carefully prepared her lessons, adapted them to the students' level and was completely reliable during the whole time.

We wish her all the best for her future projects. Left by Workawayer Axelle for host. I came as a french teacher from the 24th of April til the 24th of May. I was teaching on the wednesday from 5 to 6pm and on saturday from to The teacher I was working with like this kind of experience and would like … read more to have it again. I already miss them.



I stayed in three different families and get attached to them. I do hope I will have the opportunity to see them again. San Pietro is a lovely city, where you can take the train and reach easier Bologna, Ferrara, Padova, Venezia, Firenze What else can I say Just be careful with the italian food : this is so amazing that I took weight. Thanks for everything, and bravo to give this cultural exchange opportunity to the kids.

Peta took part to our "Play with English" project for several weeks. We have been incredibly happy to have her. She's a wonderful teacher and also a good hearted person, so she really contributed to the project and was also helpful at home with all the families hosting her. She was fine with having to change family every week and the families … read more described the experience of hosting her as very positive.

All the children liked her lessons a lot and found them fun and she was also ready to offer extra lessons to adults or to teenagers, that needed help with English. We hope to have her back here next year and certainly highly recommend her to future hosts. Left by Workawayer Peta for host.