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And another thing- the game overs. Some of them made no sense whatsoever. Another one is this woman is on the edge of the building about to jump and you have to close the DS to move Kyle to her. However, if you move Kyle when she's looking at him, she dodges Kyle's grab and gets off the ledge saying she wasn't going to jump and thinks Kyle is making a big deal out of nothing, and then leaves. Then Kyle looks over the edge of the building to see a cop car outside. And then game over. How does any of that make sense? The proper game over is to have her jump!

At least that would have been funny instead of just plain nonsensical. It's like the writers wanted to tack on one more possible game over and put no effort into it. But if you wait and grab her when she isn't looking she starts crying and the police never show up. Another one Kyle gets hit with sleep spray and goes unconscious. You wake up, escape, and then try and find out who did it. If you pick the wrong person, Kyle goes back to the where he got sleep sprayed to look for clues and he gets sleep sprayed again.

WHAM game over. Sleep spray didn't kill him! And another one: Kyle needs to develop a photo to examine it for clues, however if you let it develop too long it goes black. If it goes black, you're never able to examine it for clues, so game over. Makes sense right? Why then a game over? I guess we'll never know. Now for the good points: The graphics pushed the DS to the limit.

Rundown - May 6, 2006

The 3-D environment inside the 5 floor apartment building is done very realistically, the attention to graphic detail is insane, and the artwork and animations stay very true to the film noir style of the game. The music also is composed very well and sounds exactly like something you'd expect, but it's done brilliantly and doesn't get old. And there's a bajillion tracks. But my favorite was the puzzles. Oh, I loved this game's puzzles so much more than Hotel Dusk's.

And that's saying a lot, because Hotel Dusk has some very intuitive and fresh puzzles. However, they were pretty easy to figure out if you thought about them. Last Window's puzzles were extremely creative and the answers were not spoon fed to you, and the level of difficulty on them is significantly higher than Hotel Dusk.

They came up with all sorts of ingenious ways to use your DS to solve puzzles, such as this one about a music box.

Kyle opens it, and there's a key stuck inside it. So the top screen becomes the lid of the box and the bottom becomes the music mechanism, with a key trapped inside the music drum. To solve this puzzle, you need to notice the pipe with the R attached to it, which extends to the R button on the DS.

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Tap the R button, it pushes the key out of it's place. However, you cannot do this while the music plays, and if the music track ends the drum is covering the key making it impossible to retrieve unless you play the music again. What you are supposed to do is close your DS almost all the way when the drum is off the key, but not having it shut. Once the top screen and bottom screen are so close the music will stop playing because the music box thinks the cover is shut.

You then tap R to move the lever which moves the key. Needless to say you cannot close your DS all the way because it will then go into sleep mode. Other examples are: e V mourning, o?! M9 b What were you after? Or, as in Geordie language: What were yee affta? Colloquial Arabic or dialect in Sudan is influenced by historical remnants of ancient vernaculars such as Nubian, Bedawi, Old Egyptian and Coptic, African, Persian and Greek languages, along with modern currents represented in Turkish and European languages, Al- Sharif Gasim, Among other features, colloquial Arabic in the Sudan is characterized by an apparent tendency to ease its pronunciation and meaning to suit the local tongues.

To achieve that, Gasim, A. Almost all the letters of the alphabet are subjected to this process of replacement. Many obscure words and meanings became conventional terms and lost their original significance, e. On the other hand, English language disposes of aspects peculiar to Colloquial use. Following Holmes cited in Barzegar, , pronunciation and grammatical features are the two linguistic features of colloquial style in English: 1.

Pronunciation features, which involve: [h]- dropping, e. Oh well, 'e said, 'I suppose you can 'ave it. We was up there cuttin'. Grammatical features, including: Was with plural subject we: we was up there cutting. Come vs.

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Relatively short simple sentences, often grammatically incomplete, with few rhetorical devices; 2. The use of English is characterized by the incorporation of certain vernaculars associated with varieties of English that are normally spoken, not written prescribing significant deviations from standard language.

Non-standard English or vernacular mainstream We ain't comin. Us byant a-comin. Acknowledging the fact that adoption of any of these vernaculars does not necessarily imply colloquial flavor since they are also known to be used in urban areas, but that will at least serve in pointing to and stressing the vitality of the place with all its componenets as displayed in Salih's stories.

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B Vulgar Speech. Gullich and Krafft stated: Since those words exist in natural languages, we can theoretically suppose that an offending word can be replaced- in translation- by its pragmatic equivalent in the TL.

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This relatively sacred character of the written word makes reluctant to put black on white words of slang, jargons, injures, obscene or offending propositions scatological or not , as if they will become similarly offending, more aggressive even when are, however, orally acceptable. Salih- as evident in the examples- not only contented himself with adopting colloquial expressions like p -9 -9 , but he even transliterated them both verbally and in spelling to stress a stark localized sub-colloquial usage. Better colloquial options could have been proposed for! Why did they want to marry her to that good- for- nothing fellow?

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Following is yet another example :. This may be the most problematic feature in rendition. Expressions like: 1. Z 7 [ Z 7 v Z figured as: They came in droves, 3. Salih's dynamic and vividly- dramatized language effect is also evident in the following Arabic text: cf? Do you hear or don't you? Depicting a typical language level influences the degree of dramatization a reader or a spectator experiences when exposed to literary works.

An element of equal influence to the audience is the description of scenes, characters, and feelings as depicted in the Sudanese community. The translator has to skillfully react to such elements. The aim was to equate- in English- the lyricism and the very alliterative quality of Spanish language, Suzanne Jill Levine.

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It is not surprising, provided the categorical social and cultural differences between Arabic and English that Johnson-Davies fell somewhat short of making powerful renderings of Sudan-based social or religious notions to their English speaking counterparts, as revealed in the following instances: The special late night prayers for Ramadan q 1 dU could have simply been rendered as [Taraweeh prayers], with the given translation used as a note. Alms is not intended here but rather a [simple offer of charity]. A voice told him ' 1' , or rather a [divine] voice, The Greater Bairam.

As he did, Johnson had to either force foreign words into English language- a technique he effectively used elsewhere as will later be shown- or to use descriptive phrases to explain the meaning of individual lexical items. Other viable option could be to include glossaries to clarify such cultural features, which are all justified means since- like the original writer- he has a wide, international readership in mind.

Thanks be to Allah! The linguistic composition in Salih's works is sound and challenging. The part below best demonstrates El Tayeb Salih's talent and excellence in portraying reality through describing scenes as represented in the local environment: A. The girls of 'the Oasis' sang and danced in the hearing and under the very eyes of the Imam. The Sheikhs were reciting the Koran in house, the girls danced and sang in another; the professional chanters rapped their tambourines in one house, the young drank in another: it was like a whole collection of weddings. Zein's mother joined in with the dancers and likewise took part in the chanting.

Stopping for a moment to listen to the Koran, she would then hurry out to where the food was being cooked, urging the women on in their work; running from place to place, as she called out, ' Spread the good news! Spread the good news! The last repeated expression: "spread the good news" is a semantic rendition Johnson proposed to equate:!

However, the expression is rather customary, used phonologically, almost with inattention to its meaning in Sudanese happy occasions. Resort to transliteration of the Arabic expression supplemented with an explanatory note could be a better option towards a farther touching rendition, otherwise; the recipient in English will miss to understand the full content of the phrase in Arabic and will be deprived from acquiring the mood of this much-localized expression. In some rare cases, however, Johnson was attentive enough to add a little explanatory phrase- immediately after- beneficial to the understanding of the idea amplification , for example: A : diwan: where the men were congregated, not sufficiently illustrative, though.

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